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The Menatone version of the famous amp from New Jersey.  A beautiful cross between British crunch and Class A British chime.  
1-3 week build time

The Menatone Wreck't is my take on the wonderful amps created in New Jersey by the late, great Mr. Fischer. It is dynamic and harmonically rich lying somewhere tonally between British Crunch and Class A chime. The Push and the Resonance knobs give ultimate control of the middle and bass frequencies, while the presence lets you tailor the treble with ease. Gain ranges from clean to scream and is incredibly responsive to your guitars volume knob. The Wreck't tones are an organic cross between Plexi EL34 and Class A EL84 amps... If you don't fall into the typical 'British tones' catagory this very American take might be right up your alley. .