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Shut Up & Drive Mini

SAD Gain 1/3 - Tone 1/2 - Travis Ried
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The Shut Up & Drive mini is sort of like a King with no EQ, just a high cut tone knob.

Definitely in the British camp but meant to work with your amp instead of just changing it into something else.  Distortion ranges from very light to full on wild classic rock tones.  The Shut Up and Drive is a fully discrete circuit with no op amps or clipping diodes.  Sold only direct through the website.

Dimensions are 1.5" x 3.66"

Power supply must be used,  no battery for the mini.

Build time approx. 1-3 weeks unless on the

In Stock page

SAD Gain 3/4 - Tone 1/2 - Travis Ried
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