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MenaWatt v.III

Video Demo

for some reason youtube videos are not working on the site... i am trying to figure it out.  In the mean time you can search youtube for the Menatone demos.  There are many on youtube

The MenaWatt is based on the other, other British amps from the 60's and 70's.  It is brash and articulate with plenty of meat in the middle and a tight bass.  The internally jumpered inputs allow individual tailoring of the 'normal' and 'brilliant' channels just like a jumpered amp.  The MenaWatt gain goes from clean to full vintage crunch but also has a trim pot inside for even more gain if needed.  Now with two treble cut switches inside to further match to your amp.  This new v.III adds the power gain to the outside for fuller control.

Now you can have your "meat" and the 'pudding' too.

Build time 1-3 weeks

Audio Demos
Over The Rainbow -
Floydish -
My Generation -
Jethro -

These MenaWatt Demos were played on a Strat.  All start clean and all tonal and gain changes were made on the guitar.  The amp is a Blackface Deluxe style

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