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The None More Black is an ultra high gain distortion that takes concepts from all of my favorite amps from the 80s to the present.  No clipping diodes and no op amps,  this purely discrete circuit oozes an organic character that eludes other pedals in the field.

Its unique eq controls allow for a very wide range of tones from ultra scooped to modern midrange punch.  The gain control goes from vintage 800 style to all out mayhem.  Scroll down for more info.   

Build time is usually 2-4 weeks or so



All demos played poorly by Menatone unless otherwise noted.  Amp is a princeton style 5w running into a Ox Amp Top Box.  Amp settings are very clean to not hide the sound of the pedal.

bridge PAF 4x12 V30
None More Black controls sample 2_edited
Seymour 78 - 4x12 GB

more to come....

None More Black 2023 mockup black back_e

high - shelving treble cut starting at 3.5k

mid - mid cut at 550hz

gain- sets the preamp gain

taut- tightens the low end when turned up

shelving presence boost - pres    

                starting at 5k

bass boost at 100hz - reso    

like the master volume on an  - power    

amp.  turn up for more power                  

tube like saturation                                   

overall volume of the pedal - level    

top mount jacks.  DC jack is typical 2.1mm 
style with negative center - positive ring

true bypass hardwired switching

white LED indicator light

internal trim for extra amp matching       control     

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