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The King.
The King.
The King.
The King.
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This is the Menatone King.
The King. is an entirely new design of the King of the Britains pedal deriving from all of my favorite British amp designs. From clean, to bluesy JTM45, in the lower gain settings, to roaring, snarling Plexi crunch in the mid gain, and liquid, searing brutality in the cranked settings, this new incarnation will truly prove its lineage amongst its rivals.  This new for 2017 version is the same circuit as the original but with all internal controls on the outside.

Build time approx. 1-3 weeks

Here is another review from Paul at STOMP BOX STEALS

Exerpt - for full review click image above

“Menatone’s The King.” is a well-rounded overdrive, distortion, & boost pedal and one of the most versatile pedals chasing the “Marshall-in-a-box” sound. It’s overflowing with options for shaping your sound from EQ’d cleans to mild and heavier overdrive to all-out Marshall-inspired roar. I particularly recommend trying this pedal with single-coil pickups as it made me not want to put my Strat down. Fortunately, this pedal is tweak-able enough to pair with any guitar & amp combo thanks to its extra voicing options under the hood, essential parameters for making the most of this pedal. Pair it with an overdrive for a match made in heaven. There isn’t much this pedal can’t do. For many guitarists it will prove itself appropriately named. Hail to The King.

Exerpt - for full review click the link above



You can get a convincing Rolling Stone bottom heavy chunky distortion right up to a classic 70,s Metal and beyond that to a modern tight sounding Metal. This pedal has nailed the basic sounds that it was designed to do. I do not know of any (even the best) that have nailed the gutsy clean/dirty Stones sound

What makes it easy to get accurate distinct voices is how the drive and gain knob work. If you set the drive low ...the gain reacts with less crunch ...but with the correct balance of the two. For example if you are trying for an early Plexi 100 watt amp. The drive is set low but the gain now reacts to the natural gain which that kind of amp being emulated has. So then get a Hendrix 'The Wind Cries Mary' sound or a very 'Stones' like sound
The 3 way EQ then sets up your sound to perfection.
It does not end there either...pull off the back and you have even more control! A trim pot to zero in a 60''s thru 70's voicing....and a modern /vintage switch.

I think a lot of Marshall OD's are really giving you a Marshall plus Boss SD-1 sound because hundreds of classic recordings were made with that combination...nice ...but not accurate. I have these pedals and some are my essential tools. BUT...I would love to get a pedal with the correct voicing too. The King can do this.

The most impressive thing is something one does not generally buy a Marshall pedal for.
A dead accurate clean sound with the sound of the amp just before it breaks up.
Think about it... this sound is the root sound of a real amp.
If this can be done dead on. The distorted sounds are based off a real amp...not someone's imagination.
This pedal is really an accomplishment ..."

for some reason youtube videos are not working on the site... i am trying to figure it out.  In the mean time you can search youtube for the Menatone demos.  There are many on youtube

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