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Kar Krash Dlx
Kar Krash
Kar Krash DLX

The Kar Krash is based on the famous Express amps from the legendary Mr. Ficsher.  Somewhat of a cross between a blackface, plexi and a top boost sound that really makes it its own thing.  The sound has a lot of gain without getting into sizzle, and the bottom is tight but more bluesy than hard rock or metal.  Thats my take anyway.  Gain goes from clean to hard rock levels.  Scroll down for more info on the controls.

Build time is about 2-4 weeks or so.



All demos played poorly by Menatone unless otherwise noted.  Amp is a princeton style 5w running into a Ox Amp Top Box.  Amp settings are very clean to not hide the sound of the pedal.

more to come....

cuts treble when turned up - HI CUT    

      similar to a VOX top boost               

presence control boost upper - PRES

treble frequencies            

               sets overall level of pedal - VOL                                  


This switch sets the mode of the pedal

Krash is big bottom and a bit less gain

Wreck is tighter and more rude

KarKrash Dlx 2024 mockup black back_edit

top mount jacks.  DC jack is typical 2.1mm 
style with negative center - positive ring

internal trim for extra amp matching       control     

true bypass hardwired switching

EQ - passive eq same as amp, sort of a

         cross between Marshall and VOX

GAIN- sets the preamp gain

DRIVE- adds gain in the second stage between the power and pre drive sections

BRT SWITCH - 3 way bright switch around the gain control.  Center is off,  I is the brightest to be used when the gain is up higher,  II is normal for when gain is lower.

With gain at full no effect will be heard

Yellow LED indicator light

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