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The Law Bender Deluxe is the next evolution of the Menatone Law fuzz.  Based on the same circuit but with the added 'PORK' control for more gain.  The PORK control turns the first gain stage from a unity gain buffer, to a 12db exrtra boost stage similar to a MKii fuzz.  The Law Bender goes from light overdrive to full blown nastiness.  The new Deluxe version now has both silicone and germanium tranistors switchable in both stages.  The Silicon has more gain on tap and a tigher response, while the Germanium has more midrange and an organic vibe with a bit less gain.  Both provide a hugely dynamic experience with clarity and nuance not found in any other fuzz pedals.  1/2 Watt Carbon resistors and rolled poly caps are used throughout. Now with all jacks on top

Build time is approx. 1-3 weeks

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