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Blue Collar


The Blue Collar overdrive is the second pedal design from Menatone.  It debuted in 1997 at a request for a Red Snapper with more gain and compression.  The Blue Collar produces a fat, midrangey tone that loves single coils.  The gain ranges from just above clean to a beautiful, full, smooth grind with great harmonics and sustain.  While smooth, lots of complexity and clairity remains.  This new Blue Collar is point to point wired like the original, but in a smaller enclosure and with jacks on top. 

Build time is approx. 1-3 weeks.



This is an older model but is the exact same circuit

for some reason youtube videos are not working on the site... i am trying to figure it out.  In the mean time you can search youtube for the Menatone demos.  There are many on youtube

Blue Collar solo - Gregg Montante
Shade of Blue - Gregg Montante
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