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Pleasure Trem Mini


The Pleasure Trem mini is just a cool fully analog tremolo. This is the same circuit as the original from 2001. With a vast speed range from ultra slow to almost ring mod at its fastest,  you should easily be able to find your rhythm.  The triangle/square control goes from soft to choppy or anything in between.  The preamp is based on a fully clean version of the Red Snapper.

                         Build time is                   approx. 2-4 weeks.



All demos played poorly by Menatone unless otherwise noted.  Amp is a princeton style 5w running into a Ox Amp Top Box.  Amp settings are very clean to not hide the sound of the pedal.

Pleasure Trem mini controls_edited.jpg
PT all controls at noon Strat neck

All controls at noon. Strat neck

more to come....

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