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Red Snapper Mojo PTP


This is the circuit that started it all for Menatone.  Although the Menatone "Red" pedal launched in 1996 it was not until NAMM show of 1998 that the Red Snapper made its debut.  This Mojo Custom Shop version is point to point wired with upgraded "amp" parts including CTS pots, carbon comp resistors and rolled poly caps.  This is the ultimate version of the Red Snapper.

Build time approx. 1-3 weeks.

Video Demos

for some reason youtube videos are not working on the site... i am trying to figure it out.  In the mean time you can search youtube for the Menatone demos.  There are many on youtube

Audio Demos
Red Snapper - Gregg Montante
Dang Dawg - Gregg Montante
Jaunty Slant - Gregg Montante
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