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The MenaWatt is based on the other, other British amps from the 60's and 70's.

Now you can have your "meat" and the 'pudding' too.  This new v.III version adds the power gain control to the top of the pedal.

Build time 1-3 weeks


  • Controls

Gain - Brilliant/Normal - these are the first stage gain controls in the circuit.

Think of them in parallel, like a vintage amp with jumpered inputs.  The Normal side is thick and fat,  the Brilliant side is bright with a tight bottom.

EQ - this equalizer is the same passive eq found on a HiWatt amp.  I recommend starting with all controls at noon and adjusting to taste from there.

Vol - thes sets the overall volume of the pedal

Internal Trim Pot - This is the Power Gain control.  Think of this as the master volume from an amp.  Turn up for more power tube type of distortion


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