The MenaWatt is based on the other, other British amps from the 60's and 70's.

Now you can have your "meat" and the 'pudding' too.

Build time 1-3 weeks


  • Controls

Gain - Brilliant/Normal - these are the first stage gain controls in the circuit.

Think of them in parallel, like a vintage amp with jumpered inputs.  The Normal side is thick and fat,  the Brilliant side is bright with a tight bottom.

EQ - this equalizer is the same passive eq found on a HiWatt amp.  I recommend starting with all controls at noon and adjusting to taste from there.

Vol - thes sets the overall volume of the pedal

Internal Trim Pot - This is the Power Gain control.  Think of this as the master volume from an amp.  Turn up for more power tube type of distortion