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Thundering Revival Mini


The Thundering Revival is the natural companion to the Red Snapper and the Blue Collar.  Producing a natural, thick and articulate distortion ranging from almost a clean boost to a cranked JCM800 levels.  Its tone is not trying to turn your amp or guitar into something else, but works with them to create your style and sound.  This mini version uses all through hole components and is internally voltage doubled for more headroom and fatness.

                         Build time is                   approx. 2-4 weeks.



All demos played poorly by Menatone unless otherwise noted.  Amp is a princeton style 5w running into a Ox Amp Top Box.  Amp settings are very clean to not hide the sound of the pedal.

Thundering Revival Mini demo controls.jpg
Strat with hums - Greg Montante

All controls at noon,  any tone and gain variances from guitar volume

and tone played by our friend

Gregg Montante

more to come....

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